Government employees cannot tolerate other indian citizens making any money

NTRO employees must be making at least rs 60000 a month as a salary from the indian government, however they cannot tolerate other indian citizens making even Rs 6000 once and want the citizen to pay them Rs 6 lakh for making an additional Rs 6000 a month . Installation of wordpress blogs is entirely a private matter , the indian government is not contributing in any way at all to the domain and webhosting expenses, no indian government employee is doing any work, yet the ntro employees are using voice to skull technology to convey their extortion threats to the domain investor
No one has asked NTRO to monitor the domain investor, there is no reason why they should , the ntro employees are freelancing for google, tata when they are monitoring the domain investor, yet want the domain investor to pay them.
Tata, google has made an ntro a vendor of tata, recruiting agency hired by tata to help that acquire talent and technology cheaply