NTRo,raw, cbi employees cannot provide any factual data to prove their fake claims aboout domain ownership making a person rich

However as part of the google, tata masterminded online financial fraud since 2010 , the sex, money bribe taking, ntro employees are claiming that they are doing indian citizens a very great favor, allowing them to own domain name, putting them under surveillance,and denying their financial and fundamental rights. the fraud ntro employees bribed by google,tata are FALSELY CLAIMING that owning a domain name will make a person very rich automatically, when it is a risk and it is very difficult to make enough money to cover the domain expenses

Like all frauds, the ntro employees do not have the courage or honesty to justify in an open debate, why ownership of domain names is a favor of the indian government, ntro employees , why indian citizens do not have the right to buy and sell domain names freely like citizens of other countries like japan, indonesia

Either ntro should officially get the government to make official rules regarding ownership and content of websites, domains in India, or stop interfering in their life, making fake claims, stalking and torturing them. In 2018, there is so much fraud in the indian internet sector that a domain investor is making very less money,yet the ntro employees getting a very good salary, are extremely patronizing, and think that they are doing indian citizens a great favor, allowing them to own domain names, stalking and harassing them.

Incompetent Section 420 fraud BRIBE TAKING corrupt top cbi employees cannot find any proof after 8 years against google competitor

In a clear indication that google, tata, indore frauds mahesh, R&AW employees veena, deepika are paying massive BRIBES to top security, cbi employees ,Incompetent Section 420 fraud BRIBE TAKING corrupt top cbi employees cannot find any legaly valid proof after 8 years against google competitor despite putting her under surveillance, yet refuse to admit their mistake, and end the wastage of indian tax payer money and denial of fundamental rights to a harmless private citizen

If a person actually has black money or is involved in money laundering the government agency should be able to find legally valid proof in a year or so, however despite their best efforts , cbi have not found any evidence, yet are monitoring the google competitor very closely . This was proved when the google competitor met a financial advisor in panaji,and he indicated that he was in touch with the indore fraud gang with the help of cbi

It clearly shows that cbi employees are taking bribes from relatives, and others to cheat, harass, stalk the google competitor, make fake allegattions without any proof, despite not finding any legally valid proof after 8 years. Phone calls are blocked, correspondence stolen, payment blocked, especially in goa due to the google, tata masterminded online fraud

Fake black money allegations used to cover up banking fraud, sex, bribery racket

It is increasingly obvious that google, tata are involved in a major banking, financial fraud, sex, bribery racket and are hysterically making completely fake black money, security threat allegations without any legally valid against the harmless google competitor to cover up their financial, banking fraud

In a clear indication of how shameless and ruthless frauds the google, tata employees are, they are involved in a brazen BANKING FRAUD, when they falsely claim that goan sex workers, cheater housewives and their other fraud associates own the bank account of a harmless hardworking google competitor

Almost every literate person in India is aware of the fact that only the person who has opened a bank account has the right to operate it, yet the fact that BANKING, FINANCIAL, ONLINE, PAYPAL FRAUD of google, tata continued for more than 7 years since 2010, indicates the criminal tendencies, ruthlessness and complete lack of honesty, humanity of the google, tata, ntro,cbi and R&AW employees .