Indian, state governments refuse to question well paid LIAR NTRO/raw employees making FAKE CLAIMS about savings, assets of goa 1989 jee topper who they HATE since 2010

Why are 9 lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees who did not answer JEE trying to steal the hardearned money of the goa 1989 jee topper since 2010

One of the biggest problems created due to the relationship fraud of mhow monster ntro employee puneet is that he DUPED people, companies and countries that the savings, assets of the goa 1989 jee topper who her HATED, belonged to him, she was a proxy for him
In reality the goa 1989 jee topper is a trained and experienced engineer, and like other professionals she is being paid for her work like other engineers who have similar resumes. Her savings and assets including domains are from her professsional income, they are not related to any government employee in any way since she has not interacted with them any time in her life . The NTRO/RAW employees HATE her, have never contacted her earlier, and will not contact her in future, yet being cunning FRAUDS, they are FAKING their relationship to MISUSE her name, make fake claims about her savings,assets
Yet being one of the greatest FRAUDS LIARS in teh world, the raw/ntro employees are falsely claiming that the savings of the goa 1989 jee topper who they HATE belong to them, and are now falsely claim that the savings belong to their lazy greedy inexperienced cheater and robber girlfriends like asmita patel, who they have already got raw/cbi jobs faking a btech 1993 ee degree from india’s top engineering college
Instead of verifying the relationship between the engineer and the raw/ntro employees the 5 state governments in goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh, haryana, maharashtra are repeating the LIES of the ntro/raw employees who hate her and making fake claims about her assets, savings in a government FINANCIAL FRAUD,

Spike in Goa Covid-19 cases linked to goa government policy of committing FINANCIAL FRAUD on citizens remaining indoors

Worldwide it is observed worldwide that if citizens remains indoors in their house, the spread of covid-19 will decrease. In goa, the number of covid-19 cases is increasing to more than 300 daily, mainly because the goa government is ruthless in committing REAL ESTATE, BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD on citizens who remain indoors, especially if they are not at their mailing address.

However, bribed by the IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata and other fraud indian internet companies the goa government, intelligence and security agencies are openly involved in BANKING FRAUD on citizens who are not visting their mailing address daily like the domain investor , falsely claiming that their bank account,house belongs to the relatives of fraud security agency employees like goa bhandari pritesh chodankar, caro, nayak, BRIBE GIVERS like sindhi/gujju school dropout housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons, nikhil, karan in a REAL ESTATE FRAUD though these fraudster raw/cbi employees have no legally valid documents

In reality, legally in India, the financial records of a citizen are not linked to the place where they are living, they are linked to the permanent account number, yet in a major FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD, the goa government is falsely linking home, bank account ownership with the home owner visiting the house daily or falsely giving giving credit to ROBBER riddhi nayak caro who is COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING

Hence because of the goan government BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD of falsely linking bank account ownership with visiting a particular place, commiting fraud on citizens remaining indoors, people are spending lot of time outdoors and this has led to an increase in covid-19 cases in panaji, there are more than 100 active cases at present, according to media reports

Karnataka government openly involved in world’s greatest PAYPAL FRAUD falsely linking bengaluru top brahmin CHEATER housewife R&AW employee nayanshree with goa 1989 jee topper to get nayanshree monthly R&AW salary

In one of the greatest paypal frauds in the world., Karnataka government openly involved in world’s greatest PAYPAL FRAUD falsely linking bengaluru top brahmin CHEATER housewife R&AW employee nayanshree with goa 1989 jee topper to get nayanshree monthly R&AW salary for the last 7 years when bengaluru’s top brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar has not replied to the single woman engineer after her boyfriends and relatives like mhow monster ntro employee puneet, j srinivasan ROBBED the single woman engineer’s savings like rhea chakraborty
Bengaluru’s top brahmin cheater housewife R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar is least interested in opening her own paypal business account legally, instead relies on the rhea chakraborty like NTRO, raw employees like mhow monster ntro employee puneet, j srinivasan to FAKE their relationship with the goa 1989 jee toppper, their btech 1993 ee classmate who they hate and then MISUSE her name, steal everything from her. Since 2013,. nayanshree is only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, yet in a major government fraud, the karnataka, indian government is falsely claiming that nayanshree , a greedy liar, owns the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer

Like the IIT Kharagpur Anjali-Sundar pichai romance, the vrushali puneet college romance in india’s top engineering college was well known, and the single domain investor, engineer has no connection with any raw/cbi/ntro employees in college or afterwards, which can be legally proved, so they have no right to interfere in her life or misuse her name.
Yet being one of the greatest actors, frauds in India, the mhow monster ntro employee puneet, director of a domlur, bengaluru company, convinced everyone that the CYBERCRIME, FAKE CLAIMS was to help the domain investor, giving FAKE REFEENCES of a btech 1993 ee from a top college to all his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends like mba hr ruchika kinge, nayanshree hathwar,siddhi mandrekar and also encouraged a large number of greedy fraud R&AW/NTRO employees like j srinivasan, vijay in following his footsteps to ROB the single domain investor of everything, make fake claims about the bank account, savings, domains, computer work, stealing her identity.

The FRAUD LIAR btech 1993 ee class from india’s top engineering college is FALSELY justifying the IDENTITY THEFT, FINANCIAL, ONLINE, EDUCATIONAL FRAUD of the goa 1989 jee topper, their btech 1993 ee classmate, claiming that it is justified because she is owning domains. However the single woman engineer is a private citizen, she has not contacted anyone in the class in her life regarding domains , websites or online income, she is just like other domain investors in India. She purchased the domains alone and is working very hard to pay for the domain names, she is not getting any kind of help from others so these fraud engineers have no right to interfere in her life .

There are thousands of domain investors, writers in India, and almost all of them have got a graduate degree. their engineering or college classmates do not steal their identity or give FAKE REFERENCES of educational qualification, savings to SCHOOL DROPOUTS, CALL GIRLS and other frauds to get them all raw/cbi jobs just because these citizens have invested money in domains or are making money writing, there is no reason why the fraud btech 1993 ee class from india’s top engineering college, especially ntro employees j srinivasan, mhow monster puneet j should be allowed to do so.

It is time that the indian, state governments in 5 indian states goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh, haryana, maharashtrta, fraud ntro/raw employees end their fake reference fraud at the earliest and stop EXPLOITING, CHEATING. DEFAMING the domain investor, single woman engineer. In addition to the FINANCIAL LOSSES, the government COMPUTER WORK FRAUD since 2010, has adversely affected the domain investor socially and professionally, resulting in burglary, criminal trespassing of her house, making it difficult to get the house repaired.

Indian and state governments making FAKE CLAIMS about BANK account of some Indian paypal business account holders, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING them

Instead of referral programs, paypal should end the google, tata, indian and state government COMPUTER WORK FRAUD on indian paypal account holders since 2010, which is adversely affecting their reputation, income and life

Paypal is realizing that the indian market will not grow fast, compared to the international market since most countries have recovered from the pandemic. Yet indian citizens find it risky to open a paypal business account, because of the indian security agencies COMPUTER WORK, BANKING FRAUD on them allegedly BRIBED by google, tata since 2010 in at least 5 states goa, karnataka, haryana, maharashtra, madhya pradesh, denying them the income and opportunities they deserved, a life of dignity and forcing them to waste their time EXPOSING the LIES of the well paid government employees

For example in panaji, goa , the domain investor is victim of the goa government BANKING, COMPUTER WORK FRAUD since 2012 with the LIAR goa government, security agencies committing CYBERCRIME, stealing her data and then falsely claiming that the LAZY GREEDY relatives of the security agencies like robber riddhi nayak caro, goan bhandari sunaina chodan , siddhi mandrekar, BRIBE GIVERS like gujju school dropout naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, asmita patel, ruchika kinge who do no computer work, own the domains, paypal, bank account in a clear case of FINANCIAL FRAUD to get all these frauds monthly raw/cbi salaries only for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS

In most other sectors, the top companies have the humanity and honesty to recognize the skilled experienced professionals who are spending their time and investing money, only in the indian internet sector , DISHONEST GREEDY UNETHICAL companies like google, tata, are taking great PRIDE in commiting BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD on domain investors, indian paypal account holders, BRIBING FRAUD LIAR security agencies to make fake claims about call girls, robber, cheater housewives, school dropouts and other frauds, who are role models for google, tata

Due to fraud of the greedy unethical indian tech and internet companies, ntro, raw, cbi, some indian paypal account holders are denied a life of dignity since the indian and state governments refuse to acknowledge the computer work they do, the money they invest. Since there is no one in india , who will help the hardworking honest indian paypal account holders who are CHEATED, EXPLOITED by ntro, raw, cbi, no one is interested in opening a paypal account, they will prefer doing manual labor under the REGA

Making money online is very time consuming, the google, tata sponsored LAZY FRAUD raw/cbi employees are least interested in doing any kind of computer work, rely on fraud R&AW/ntro employees to continue with their CYBERCRIME, COMPUTER WORK FRAUD, FAKE paypal account ownership. If they wish to honest earn money there are many options like . yet SECTION 420 FRAUD GREEDY LIAR ntro, raw, cbi employees like riddhi nayak caro are least interested in opening their own Paypal account LEGALLY continue with their paypal fraud supported by sundar pichai led google, tata since 2010

Till paypal persuades google, tata, indian and state governments to end its COMPUTER WORK FRAUD on indian paypal account holders, few will be interested in opening their own paypal account, everyone will try to emulate the PAYPAL FRAUDSTER raw/cbi employees who get monthly government salaries only for making FAKE CLAIMS of owning a paypal, bank account after committing CYBERCRIME