NTRo,raw, cbi employees cannot provide any factual data to prove their fake claims aboout domain ownership making a person rich

However as part of the google, tata masterminded online financial fraud since 2010 , the sex, money bribe taking, ntro employees are claiming that they are doing indian citizens a very great favor, allowing them to own domain name, putting them under surveillance,and denying their financial and fundamental rights. the fraud ntro employees bribed by google,tata are FALSELY CLAIMING that owning a domain name will make a person very rich automatically, when it is a risk and it is very difficult to make enough money to cover the domain expenses

Like all frauds, the ntro employees do not have the courage or honesty to justify in an open debate, why ownership of domain names is a favor of the indian government, ntro employees , why indian citizens do not have the right to buy and sell domain names freely like citizens of other countries like japan, indonesia

Either ntro should officially get the government to make official rules regarding ownership and content of websites, domains in India, or stop interfering in their life, making fake claims, stalking and torturing them. In 2018, there is so much fraud in the indian internet sector that a domain investor is making very less money,yet the ntro employees getting a very good salary, are extremely patronizing, and think that they are doing indian citizens a great favor, allowing them to own domain names, stalking and harassing them.