Corrupt greedy indian government employees extort money from the poorest citizens

Corrupt greedy indian government employees extort money from the poorest indian citizens according to a question in quora and also from personal experience with the active encouragement of large corporates allegedly google, tata. They are already getting a monthly salary, pension , yet there is no limit to their greed at all\

A postman in Indian post makes Rs 16000 a month, and he is not very well qualified, mostly just a degree holder, while if a google competitor with a better JEE rank in 1989 than google ceo sundar pichai will make more than Rs 10000 a month the sex starved corrupt indian intelligence and security agencies will label her a security threat without any proof at all, steal her hard earned money with a court order, resume, correspondence and unleash their google , tata sponsored extortionist relatives and friends goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar

Though they know that she is making a loss, they will instigate expect her to spend more money so that they can extort money which these government employees will use for enjoying themselves at discos, purchasing expensive clothes

Google, tata employees who are falsely claiming goan sex workers sleeping with top indian government employees are online experts, domain investor to get the sex workers R&AW job, will bribe the local intelligence and security agencies to track all the activities of the google competitor for more than 7 years, denying her the right to privacy and to extort more money