Indian government continues to reward CUNNING CHEATER madhya pradesh government for FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2010

One of the reasons why CYBERCRIME in india is increasing is because the indian government is openly rewarding states especially the CUNNING CHEATER madhya pradesh government for CYBERCRIME, FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2010 with monthly government salaries for the lazy greedy fraud indore housewife deepika/veena or other cheater the state government is making fake claims about
The CUNNING CHEATER madhya pradesh government was aware that indore’s top greedy fraud raw employee housewife, deepika/veena was never investing money in domains, not doing any computer work at all, yet like the imported Kuno African cheetahs which are wandering outside their territory, searching for food, the GREEDY LIAR CHEATER mp officials also search for vulnerable hardworking professionals, investors from outside the state targetting them for CYBERCRIME, FINANCIAL FRAUD using CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, FAKE RUMORS since 2010 to ruin their reputation completely
Then the identity, resume of the professional , investor is stolen by housewives from the state like indore housewife deepika/veena, who then get lucrative no work, no investment government job with great powers, while the engineer whose resume is robbed is making very less money despite working long hours due to the government SLAVERY racket of CUNNING CHEATER madhya pradesh government
To destroy the life of the single woman engineer, domain investor completely, the GREEDY CHEATER mp government also persuaded 5-6 other states in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, government SLAVERY of the single woman and got 10-15 lazy greedy frauds no work, no investment government jobs in the indian internet sector, and the indian government refuses to end the wastage of indian taxpayer money to reward CYBERCRIMINALS