For making Rs 1000 annually online, Indian paypal account holders expected to tolerate losing Rs 40000 in interest annually

In 2017,the cunning fraud cowardly google, tata, ntro, cbi, security agency employees are justifying the theft of the KVP and other retirement savings of a domain investor, google competitor saying that she has many domain names in her name. These employees getting a monthly government salary are duping people with their complete lies that ownership of domain names automatically makes a person rich when financial records will prove that most domains are a loss making expense . Unlike the employees, the domain investor and real paypal account holder is not getting any salary and in 2017, advertising revenues for text link advertising, has reduced, and ppc, cpm advertising from websites is also close to zero.
For example due to theft of kvp by cbi, security agency, ntro employees in 2012, the domain investor is losing more than Rs 40000 annually as post office is giving interest for only two years after maturity
On the other hand, most of ppc, cpm advertising networks are making in total less than $15 , approximately Rs 1000 annually due to decline in advertising rates.
For text link advertising, the expenses are very high, domain renewal expenses are more than revenues and it is a high risk business.
Just to make Rs 1000 annually from online advertising after spending a lot of time and money, why should a person give up Rs 40000 or more in interest income, passive income, can the ntro, cbi, security agency, google, tata employees justify in an open debate?
The domain investor is willing to sell almost all her domains, websites, if all her retirement savings are returned immmediately, she will do something else where cowardly fraud officials are not stealing the retirement savings of investors without a court order or legally valid reason..