Income of domain investors has declined very rapidly in the last 11 years, yet indian tech, internet companies refuse to end their FINANCIAL fraud

In 2022, most online publishers are making very less money from ppc, cpm advertising, often less than $0.01 a month for low traffic websites
Yet showing how ruthless the dishonest indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google, tata, officials are in cheating, exploiting domain investors they, falsely claim that owning websites is very lucrative to justify the harassment, financial fraud on online publishers, domain investors
In all other sectors, the salaries, income of professionals, business owners has increased rapidly from 2010 to 2022, only for online publishers the advertising revenues have decreased to almost zero for PPC, CPM advertising, and additionally the government is ruthless in its FINANCIAL FRAUD on some domain investors like the domain investor owning this and other websites.

This decline in income and government FINANCIAL FRAUD, slavery forces domain investors to consider selling at least some of the domains to reduce the domain renewal fees