100% FAKE black money allegations, favorite excuse of DISHONEST LIAR indian tech, internet companies to commit FINANCIAL FRAUD on hardworking single woman domain investor since 2010

To cover up its FINANCIAL FRAUD on a hardworking single woman, DISHONEST LIAR indian internet, tech sector, officials hysterically MAKING FAKE black money allegations
TAKING advantage of the fact that the single woman has no one to really help her, or DEFEND herself against her shameless FRAUD GREEDY liar male brahmin, bania btech 1993 ee classmates and others MAKING FAKE ALLEGATIONS without any kind of proof, the DISHONEST LIAR indian internet, tech sector led by google, tata, officials hysterically MAKING FAKE black money allegations to cover up its massive FINANCIAL FRAUD of Rs 15 lakh annually on the single woman domain investor since 2010.

though the FRAUD LIAR indian internet companies and officials have been making fake allegations of black money for more than 10 years to cover its FINANCIAL FRAUD, CORRESPONDENCE ROBBERY, human rights abuses, they have not found any proof at all against the single woman domain investor to send an income tax notice to her, or any notice from any government agency

Yet instead of having the honesty and humanity to admit that they have falsely accused a innocent person, destroyed her life completely, the fraud indian internet sector continues to CHEAT, EXPLOIT the single woman engineer falsely associating lazy greedy frauds like panaji sindhi scammer cbi employee karan with her to pay the sindhi scammer karan, his brother nikhil and school dropout mother naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, a monthly governmnent salary at her expense and other frauds like robber riddhi nayak caro .

Panaji’s top sindhi scammer family hates the single woman and has criminally defamed her filing fake dengue cases every year, so why is the indian internet sector, HUMILIATING, CHEATING, EXPLOITING the single woman engineer to pamper and reward panaji sindhi scammer family with three government salaries, falsely claiming that the sindhi scammers who do not spend any money on domains,do not do any computer work at all, own the domains, bank account of the single woman

When the fraud indian internet companies officials like parmar, tushar parekh, nikhil sha, j srinivasan, cannot find any proof against the single woman engineer who they HATE for more than ten years why are making FAKE BLACK MONEY ALLEGATIONS to pay cleaning, cooking cheater housewives and other frauds monthly government salaries at the expense of the single woman, criminally defaming the single woman, denying her a life of dignity

Google, tata, indian tech and internet sectors policy of making FAKE ALLEGATIONS to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, CRIMINALLY DEFAME innocent hardworking persons like the domain investor owning this website has inspired a large number of companies like zenith solutions, freelancers forms, zet technology who are extorting money from thousands of indian citizens threatening them with court cases if they do not pay up