Amazon delivery schedule confirms sbi credit card fraud of greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, top officials in panaji, goa, ntro/raw employees

Usually only the person who has applied for a credit card and is paying the credit card bills is considered the credit card owner

yet indicating the extremely high levels of CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, FINANCIAL FRAUD in the indian internet sector, top officials in panaji, goa, they are falsely claiming that the sbi card of a older single woman engineer, domain investor belongs to the lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan who has not applied for the credit card, and does not pay the credit card bills from her bank account
Due to the criminal defamation, financial fraud of sunaina’s LIAR relatives like pritesh chodankar and the goan bhandari officials it is not safe for the domain investor to live at her mailing address which has been burgled repeatedly and is criminally trespassed, she is only visiting the address on weekdays

Yet when the domain investor is ordering anything using her sbi credit card, amazon is always scheduling the delivery on sunday and saturday, because the corrupt LIAR officials in panaji, goa are falsely claiming that the items are ordered by the shameless greedy goan bhandari fraud sunaina chodan, when actually sunaina is not paying any of the sbi credit card bills

The shameless greedy goan bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodan, does not even have any computer at home, never did any computer work at all, yet in what domain investors worldwide claim is a SEX RACKET, ntro/raw/cbi employees falsely claimed that she was an online expert, trading sex for power, to get her a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor.

After getting credit, salary for 7-8 years without doing any computer work, without investing any money online, now sunaina is focussing on her legal career, and is not at home on weekdays, due to which amazon deliveries are scheduled on weekends for the domain investor who sunaina hates, criminally defames, yet the goan bhandari officials, community and indian internet sector led by google, tata is continuing with the SBI credit card fraud, CHEATING, EXPLOITING the real domain investor

Security and intelligence employees claim that the domain investor is complaining, yet she would like to ask why are so many people falsely claiming to own her credit card, especially her sbi credit card and getting government salaries for making fake claims?