Now R&AW, google,tata promoting goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan , involved in banking fraud as CA

There is no end to the sex, bribery rackets of top ntro, raw, cbi, google,tata who are pimps supplying lazy greedy goan prostitutes like bhandari sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc to top indian government employees for sex
First google, tata falsely claimed that their favorite goan bhandari prostitute sunaina chodan , who never did any work online was an online expert, then they falsely claimed that the 2013 bsc goan bhandari sex worker had a btech 1993 degree to pamper the goan prostitute, give her great powers
when the engineer is now questioning the online, engineering fraud of the google, tata who specialize in pampering and getting raw/cbi jobs for goan sex workers, frauds, the shameless google,tata employees are falsely claiming that the r&aw employee PANAJI PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan, who has not answered the CA exams is a chartered accountant in another banking, financial, professional fraud
till 2018, goan bhandari prostitute sunaina chodan was involved in a banking fraud, falsely claiming to own the bank account,credit card of the google competitor to get a Raw salary,now the gooogle, tata employees who are pimps selling the sex services of goan bhandari prostitute sunaina chodan are falsely claiming that the goan call girl is a chartered accountant, when she has no professional qualification or experience.