More proof that financial fraud is being planned on domain investor

After the NEFT failure , airline denying boarding pass, now there is more proof that a massive financial fraud is being planned on the domain investor as part of identity, savings theft racket.
A financial service provider had asked if the domain investor was interested in company FD
So when their person got the FD form, the domain investor read the form which was printed in very small font , making it difficult to read it
The name of the father was changed to the name of the husband
Additionally the name of the father and mother was changed, indicating that an elaborate financial fraud is being planned to rob the savings of the domain investor, who is also an experienced engineer
The domain investor has also been told that keeping the house empty will increase the risk of financial fraud, so even if she does not make money online, she is forced to remain in the house, to avoid losing her savings.
A very powerful person is involved in the financial fraud, he is extremely vicious in criminally defaming the domain investor, spreading fake rumors which almost everyone including the government agencies are blindly believing