You Can’t Beat Their Monitoring Services

I signed up for home security through this website and immediately felt a wave of relief. The neighborhood I live in used to be a great place, filled with families with lots of kids outside playing in the summer. And why not? Everyone felt safe and secure. We even used to have block parties because everyone knew one another. Over the past couple of decades, however, things changed as people moved out and new people moved in. People became more secretive. I no longer knew my neighbors on a first name basis. Then the petty crime started up.

At first it seemed random. We’d have things like minor vandalism. Then it graduated to burglaries. After thieves broke into my garage for the second time and made off with even more my tools, I knew I needed to take action. One burglary can be chalked up to bad luck, but two of them? In less than two years? Since I couldn’t afford to move to another, better area, I decided to install a security service. I wanted one that had all the bells and whistles along with constant monitoring since I’m not home all that often.

I went ahead and got flood and fire monitoring too even though I didn’t think I would need it. It didn’t cost much and it just seemed like a nice addition to the home security package. I almost didn’t think to mention it, but the person I talked to suggested it and I had them go ahead and add it to my service. Boy am I glad I did! While I was gone at work, someone set my house on fire! The whole place would have been a total loss if not for that monitoring service. This security company literally saved my house. My decision has already paid off in spades.