Missing kindness and generosity of NTRO, R&AW employees

India is a poor nation because top leaders and officials lack honesty,humanity, kindness and generosity. For example for a harmless domain investor,NTRO and indian government employees are taking great pleasure is causing her great losses, stealing orders, leads, blocking payment, closing her account, after making completely fake allegations of security threat, black money and other activities without any proof, though they are aware of the fact that she is working very hard. However dealing with americans, it is difficult not to notice their honesty and kindness in many cases.
For example ntro will block payment of even $0,05 to an indian citizen, if a american will purchase a domain for $1, they will often pay $1.2 or $1.25 to cover paypal fees without being asked
The ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata employees are aware of the fact that the domain investor is making very less money, despite spending a lot of time and money, yet they are ruthless and very cruel in blocking all the payment, closing the account, at every opportunity
It is the lack of kindness and humanity of powerful indian government employees which is the cause of most of india’s problems