Shameless fraud husbands of BANKING FRAUDSTER raw/cbi housewife employees want to have the cake and eat it too with their computer work, BANKING FRAUD

Usually if the wife is working for others, she cannot pay enough attention to her family, the husband has to help in some ways. If the wife is only a housewife, the family does not have double salaries, they cannot spend and save more

Google, tata have devised a work at home fraud, in which the Husbands of fraud raw/cbi housewife employees want to have the cake and eat it too, google,tata will hack the laptops of a single woman paypal account holder and falsely claim that housewives and the CALL GIRLS they supply to ntro employees for SEX , other young frauds like karan, nikhil who are not spending any time online, or doing computer work, are doing the work, to get all the call girls, housewives and other frauds raw/cbi salaries

The fraud google, tata employees managed to cover up their BANKING FRAUD for 10 years, by CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the paypal account holder, making up FAKE STORIES without any legally valid proof, using videos, torturing her, to destroy her credibility completely , and then DUPING people, companies and countries in the world’s greatest WORK AT HOME FRAUD in history

Only after 10 years, since no intelligence or security agency employee has the courage, honesty to contact the domain investor, she realized that all the allegations were false and she was a victim of CRIMINAL DEFAMATION for 10 years. In an indication of the rot in indian society and government, no one is asking the husbands, why they are MAKING FAKE CLAIMS of computer work, when they are aware that their wives are cooking, looking after their home for the last 10 years