Advertise on a website about money, financial rights of women and fraud

Advertise on a website about money, financial rights of women, banking and financial fraud of indian intelligence, security agencies, ntro, R&AW, cbi

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In one of the greatest financial frauds in India, allegedly bribed by google, tata, NTRO, R&AW, cbi, security agencies are making completely fake allegations of black money, money laundering, tax evasion, security threat, without any legally valid proof, against a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor since 2010 , repeating their lies hysterically like parrots to defame, cheat and exploit her wasting crores of indian tax payer money in the process, and then expect her to agree to identity theft, give up her hard earned money, resume to google, tata sponsored PROSTITUTE, cheater housewife , document robber and other fraud R&AW/cbi employees The incompetent corrupt indian and goan government refuses to check the money trail, while verifying the skills, online work and investment of indian citizens, instead blindly relying on the fake claims of fraud powerful ntro employees like puneet, j srinivasan, hathwar, kodancha, parmar, vijay, patel, who are making fake claims promoting their lazy greedy girlfriends, relatives .

Bank details will legally prove that google, tata employees are section 420 FRAUDS, LIARS involved involved in the worlds greatest ONLINE FRAUD since 2010

Government agencies and others should be aware of the fact that google, tata employees are section 420 FRAUDS, LIARS involved involved in the world greatest ONLINE FRAUD since 2010 especially in goa and should not be trusted at all when they are making completely fake claims about online work, domain investment, writing services to customers outside india, defaming, cheating and exploio.

The tata employees are aware of the fact that customers outside india will not pay unless they are receiving some product or service,Yet the tata employees are such shameless liars and frauds that they falsely claim that lazy greedy inexperienced women who have no computer, internet or other related skills, do not have a computer,are also not spending any time, are doing computer work to get them great powers and raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary in many cases.

This proves the complete lack of personal and professional integrity of the tata employees, why are they making completely fake claims about lazy greedy call girls, housewives and other frauds , falsely claiming that these frauds own the paypal, bank account of a hardworking paypal account holder. Under the indian constitution all citizens have the right to lead a life of dignity, and when the fraud liar google, tata employees make fake claims that microchipped housewives own the bank account of the paypal account holder, they are defaming the real paypal account holder, denying her the right to live a life of dignity

Bank details will legally prove that google, tata employees are section 420 FRAUDS, LIARS who are involved in a massive SEX, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud since 2010, duping people, companies and countries that the goan call girls they supply for sex to government employees, robbers, cheaters and other frauds who had no online income, were online experts, domain investors to get all these sex workers and frauds raw/cbi jobs with monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor

the section 420 fraud liar tata, google employees running the greatest online sex, bribery racket, banking fraud since 2010 are extremely vicious in defaming hardworking indian paypal account holders especially in goa, where the fraud liar officials like caro, mandrekar, nayak, pritesh chodankar, naik, nikhil sha are also involved in a massive banking, online fraud, making completely fake claims about the paypal, bank account ownership abusing their powers

This is posted as a fraud alert, so that more people are not duped by the extremely shameless fraud liar tata, google and other fraud government employees who have continued with their fraud since 2010, only because no one had the honesty and courage to question their brazen banking, paypal fraud