Bhandari students facebook request sent to engineer, after goan bhandari leaders, officials fail to steal her money

In a clear indication of poor governance in India, more than Rs 30 crore of taxpayer money wasted to steal savings of google competitor, engineer since 2010, by corrupt goan gsb, goan bhandari, shivalli brahmin and bania officials all over india led by the brahmin ntro employees mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, parmar , patel and others
the worst mental torture techniques were used, crimes like burglary, robbery, trespassing committed on the engineer, to force her to agree to identity theft, to giveup her hard earned money and also work like a slave for the rest of her life
When the engineer refused, all orders are stolen wasting taxpayer money, however the engineer would prefer to enjoy her free time if she has no paid work, instead of giving up her savings and working like a slave for the rest of her life

The savings of the engineer targetted for theft, are less than a crore, yet bribed by google, tata , the government has wasted crores of taxpayer money annually since 2010, to force the engineer to agree to identity theft in a clear indication of a corruption, nepotism and fraud, no one is questioning the government officials for their fraud of forcing the engineer to agree to identity theft.

After being defamed, cheated and exploited for more than 8 years the bhandari engineer with a good JEE rank, decided not to move her savings to goa,where corrupt goan bhandari, gsb officials and leaders are extremely unscrupulous. So now the goan bhandari leaders, officials naik, pritesh chodankar freelancing for google, tata after being bribed with a R&AW job for their sex worker relative sunaina chodan, are defaming the engineer sending her facebook requests from various students, since their efforts to steal her money have failed.