Goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi, mandrekar, nayak, caro are some of goa’s top banking fraudsters

One of the most dangerous greedy ruthless frauds in goa is sufal mandrekar’s dangerous cheater relative siddhi, a diploma holder specializes in corporate espionage on anyone who makes the mistake of trusting her and has been rewarded for her crime by the fraud ntro employees mhow cheater puneet, parmar, fraud companies like the sundar pichai led google, tata with a R&AW job falsely claiming that the goan criminal siddhi has the resume, investment of her victim who made the mistake of trusting the goan gsb fraud sufal mandrekar and siddhi

According to domain investors worldwide, the goan gsb fraud siddhi is supplied by google, tata to government, ntro employees for sex and then these fraud ntro employees falsely claim that the goan gsb fraud 2012 diploma holder siddhi from verna was their btech 1993 ee classmate in a classic case of powerful indian government employees TRADING SEX FOR POWER. Medical tests will prove that siddhi was not even born in 1989 to give JEE, yet the goan government is blindly repeating the lies of fraud officials enjoying siddhi’s sex services and sugar daddies like ntro employee mhow cheater puneet.

The security, ntro, raw employees enjoying the sex services of siddhi have given her great powers, and the single woman engineer on whom the goan gsb fraud siddhi committed corporate espionage on, finds that all her correspondence diverted to the goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak, who run a lucrative extortion racket in goa, demanding and getting bribes from anyone who wishes to contact the engineer

the powerful shameless fraud relatives of goan gsb fraud siddhi, nayak, caro, mandrekar are some of the greatest cheaters and liars in goa, viciously defaming the engineer goan cheater siddhi committed corporate espionage on, These goan gsb frauds like bhandari pritesh chodankar are also the greatest banking, financial fraudsters in India shamelessly and falsely claiming that their lazy fraud relatives own the bank, paypal account of the engineer, duping a large number of people, though these government employees know that goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi have never opened the bank account and cannot operate

This is posted as a social service so that no one else makes the mistake of trusting the goan gsb fraud siddhi and her relative sufal mandrekar

Indore fraudster R&AW employees veena, deepika continue with their paypal, banking fraud for more than 8 years

The times of india carries news of how indore is the cleanest city,it does not carry the news of the shameless lazy greedy criminal raw employees from indore like the
google, tata sponsored section 420 fraud indore document robber R&AW employees housewife bespectacled veena who looks like actress deepika padukone, deepika who ROBBED the documents of a google competitor to get a R&AW job with the help of fraud liar ntro employees

Additionally these shameless greedy section 420 fraud indore animal raw employees deepika, veena. are also falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account, domain names of the google competitor to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the google competitor, engineer, whose documents they have stolen .

An open question to google, tata, who are pampering and protecting the indore fraudsters, ntro, raw, cbi, indian government, why do the google, tata sponsored section 420 fraud indore document robber R&AW employees veena, deepika not open their own paypal, bank account legally, which they can show in their income tax returns legally? If these indore frauds are not interested in working online, they should resign instead of continuing with their bribery racket, so that the real domain investor gets the income and opportunities she deserved.

Can the indian government, R&AW explain in an open debate, why these indore fraud raw employees veena, deepika are allowed to continue with their
paypal, bank account FRAUD for more than 8 years since 2010 , resulting in the wastage of a huge amount of indian tax payer money, causing great losses to the google competitor