When there is no money, there is no motivation to work online

After being defamed, cheated and exploited for more than 7 years, payment blocked repeatedly, the google competitor is making very less money online despite trying very hard . So realizing that she is working as a slave for free for google, tata,ntro, cbi, raw employees the google competitor is no longer motivated to work hard online, she would rather spend her time on other activities where she can develop new skills, get experience
A person who is well paid for his time and effort, will naturally be motivated to work very hard , when there is almost no money and a person is being ruthlessly cheated, exploited and it is very difficult to get justice, why should a person work very hard in that sector or field , there are other activities which give more happiness and satisfaction.
There are also almost no suitable jobs for an experienced electrical engineer in a small town like panaji,goa