All MLAs in Goa have assets of more than Rs 1 crore

Allegedly bribed by google, tata , indian security and intelligence agencies, especially cbi have stolen the retirement savings of a harmless google competitor, falsely claiming that the savings with be a security threat., However the stolen savings of the experienced engineer are less than Rs 1 crore, which is far less than the assets of the average MLA from goa, who is far less qualified that the google competitor .
All the MLAs in goa assembly 2017 have assets of more than Rs 1 crore , though almost none of them are as qualified and experienced as the google competitor. It is usually agreed that the income of a person depends on his or her education and usually educated people are making more money than those who are less educated.

When comparatively uneducated MLAs have assets of more than Rs 1 crore , why is an experienced engineer who saved some money for old age falsely labelled a security threat for saving money for her old age . Even yogi adityanath who has renounced the world, has more liquid assets than the engineer.